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Post-Graduate Program

This program is designed for the high school graduate that needs another year of academic preparation before entering the college or university of their choice. Individual schedules are designed to address the student’s academic needs. Particular attention is paid to improve the students SAT and ACT scores.

Most students in this program take at least one Advanced Placement (AP) course. By taking an Advanced Placement course, the student can experience college level academics within the supportive structure of a New England Prep School.

Another unique offering is our daily “Learning Lab.” For 75 minutes each school day a teacher of math, social studies, science and English is available for extra help in their respective areas. This time can be used for remedial help, advanced study, independent or directed studies. By having this time dedicated to supporting our students the goal is for each student to achieve academic success.

The only competitive activity offered to our post graduate students is basketball. Our schedule offers approximately thirty games during the season which lasts from mid-October to mid-March. There are daily team practices as well as individual instruction. The schedule includes opponents from many class “A” prep schools and small colleges/universities throughout the northeastern United States and Canada.