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Prep Team Program

The program is designed to assist students with the academic transition to a 2 or 4 year college or university.  Lee Academy offers AP classes in English, history, math, biology and chemistry.  Also traditional high school classes are open to the post graduate students.

Evening sessions are offered in SAT/ACT prep and ESL for students needing these services.  The academic support provided is second to none.  Our program is directed by 2 veteran, highly regarded teachers of math and English.  Both of these individuals also have university teaching experience on their resumè.

Another unique offering is our daily “Learning Lab.”  For 75 minutes each school day a teacher of math, social studies, science and English is available for extra help in this respective areas.  This time can be used for remedial help, advanced study, independent or directed studies.  This time is dedicated to increase the support time needed for academic success for each student.


The one competitive activity offered to our Post Graduate students is basketball.  The schedule offers 30 games, as well as daily individual instruction and team practices.  The schedule includes both small college and Class “A” prep schools from throughout the northeast. 

Lee Academy Basketball Prep Team

Even though we are a new program we have developed ties with major scouting services, Big East, Big 12, America East schools and the NBA.  Our key personnel has years of experience both in the educational and athletic worlds.  As a result of their experience, our personnel are on a first name basis with many of the major players of college and professional basketball. 

Although we don’t offer full scholarships, we do have financial aid packages for students showing need.  A separate financial aid application needs to be completed with the admissions application.