Outdoor & Environmental Education

Imagine yourself sitting in the woods sketching New England fall foliage for an art project, snowshoeing during physical education, collecting insects from a stream during biology class, or tracking maple sap production for a climate study in environmental science.
These are all every day experiences at Lee Academy, where we consider the outdoors to be one of our most important classrooms.  In addition to being integrated throughout our curriculum, we offer a concentrated pathway in outdoor and environmental education, where students may participate in this focused program for a semester or a year.  Emphasis is placed on the relationship between the environment, climate change, culture, and the economy.  Students strengthen problem solving, communication, leadership, and collaboration skills as they work together to develop sustainable solutions to real-life environmental concerns and face challenges during outdoor adventures.

Lee Academy student and camping trip participant Dakota Moore

“Nothing beats the feeling of connection between people and nature.  It’s an environment where you can let your guard down, communicate easily, and make new friends.”
Lee Academy’s Moores Campus, located between the vast North Maine Woods and the Downeast Lakes Region, provides the perfect location for environmental learning experiences and outdoor adventures.  Students gain an appreciation of the connection between time spent in the wilderness and improved physical and mental well-being as they participate in activities such as hiking, camping, paddling, and outdoor winter sports.  Time spent “unplugged” in pristine wilderness allows for reflection and increased mindfulness.