Lee Academy offers a comprehensive, placed-based high school curriculum, which is rooted in our natural outdoor location. Our school has developed a remarkable sense of community among our diverse and accepting student body, faculty, and staff.
At Lee Academy, we focus on developing the whole person. All of our courses are student centered and project based, with each class helping students to advance their critical thinking, problem solving, and communication skills. The assessment process is rigorous and authentic, allowing students to demonstrate their understanding in a meaningful way. Lee Academy is known for the personal attention and support that students receive from faculty, staff, and administration. Our current student:teacher ratio is 15:1. Academic support and English as a Second Language programs are easily accessed and provided to students on an individual basis.
The dynamic and engaging curriculum of Lee Academy provides diverse course offerings, from traditional academic courses to a wide variety of electives, including AP courses and opportunities for college credit through dual-enrollment and on-line classes. A pathway providing immersive outdoor and environmental learning experiences is specifically unique to Lee Academy and its surroundings. Local students may also take advantage of career and technical training through use of our Engineering and Technology courses or the nearby vocational school.