Student Life

Residential Life

Residential Facilities

Lee Academy is dedicated to providing a quality living experience for all boarding students. We recognize and actively encourage positive values and relationships, which are the foundations of a healthy community. We promote tolerance and respect for all individuals, religions, cultures, and gender identities. Our residential life staff ensures a safe, healthy, and respectful community in the dormitories, providing the best environment for Lee Academy students to live, learn and grow. 

We currently have two residential facilities that can support up to sixty students. These facilities both have adult supervision at all times. Each dormitory contains a common area equipped with comfortable furniture, a television, and kitchen. In addition, each dormitory has Wi-Fi service. The Lee Academy dining hall is open for three meals a day and a snack time during the week, and brunch and dinner on the weekends. There are also opportunities for students to stay with local families.

Academic Support

At Lee Academy, we want to ensure that all students achieve academic success and reach their goals. We provide a mandatory study hall each night during the week. Many dorm parents are also teachers who are available for extra help when they are on duty. Our guidance department gives every student personal attention and when students become seniors, they are given individual support with the college application process.

School Activities and Free Time

Lee Academy is nestled in the heart of Maine in the small town of Lee, providing access to a small mountain for hiking and skiing and to a nearby lake for canoeing and other water activities. This allows plenty of opportunity for students to enjoy the outdoors. In addition, we provide activities after school and as part of our interscholastic program. Please see the clubs and activities page for more information.

Off-Campus Activities

We strive to give our boarding students supervised opportunities to get off campus to take care of their needs and to expose them to the great state of Maine. Weekly trips to town allow students to shop for groceries and personal needs. On the weekends and vacations we are committed to putting together at least one trip that either involves shopping, cultural, or outdoor opportunities.