Lee Academy athletics is an opportunity for students to learn physical skills, engage in team building activities and build strong lifelong relationships with others.
Students have the chance to play team sports including boys and girls basketball, cross country, and soccer; boys baseball, girls softball and girls volleyball; or boys and girls may choose more individual sports like tennis, wrestling or golf.  We also share a co-op program with a nearby school for football and track. Our Health and Wellness curriculum offers students introductions to various sports and lifelong fitness skills which often lead students to later join interscholastic teams.
Our athletic teams compete with other similar sized schools in the area, and they typically have an end of season tournament after 14 to 16 game schedules.  Lee Academy has had some very competitive teams and several players each year who have been recognized as all conference athletes. Lessons learned in athletic arenas are an important part of developing the physical and mental health in our individual students.

Notably talented and competitive, our prep basketball team consists of players who are from the US and around the world. Their schedule includes some of the top prep schools in the northeast and from eastern Canada. An increasing number of our post graduates earn scholarships from NCAA D1 and D2 institutions as well as placement in highly respected junior colleges and DIII programs. An impressive number of guys have gone on to play professionally around the world with one recently drafted into the NBA.