Lee Academy’s student centered academic curriculum focuses on developing students who are creative thinkers, strong communicators, and independent problem solvers.
The curriculum was created based on the “Understanding By Design” method, which requires students to apply higher-order thinking skills to demonstrate what they know, understand, and can do through authentic performance-based assessments. Courses are aligned with the Common Core and Next Generation Learning Standards, in addition to the Maine Learning Results. Our curriculum is also place-based, meaning that activities are connected to our local community, providing a relevant context for our students. Lee Academy provides a robust program of studies; these range from core subjects, to elective courses that allow students to expand their horizons and follow their interests, to a full slate of challenging AP classes and other opportunities for college credit through accredited Maine universities. Our goal is for students to apply the skills and knowledge that they obtain at Lee Academy as life-long learners as they continue their education, pursue careers, and contribute to their communities.