Lee Academy Awarded $20,000 Boosting Readiness for College and Career Grant from MELMAC

Lee Academy is excited to announce that we are the recipient of a $20,000 “Boosting Readiness for College and Career Grant” (BRCC) from the MELMAC Education Foundation of Maine. This grant allows us to establish a College and Career Access Team (CCAT) of committed Lee Academy educators to implement activities that will have a positive impact on our students. We have the flexibility to create and develop programming with best practices as determined by the CCAT and the MELMAC Foundation. Our CCAT consists of Head of School, Chris Murphy; Outdoor Leadership Coordinator, Sue Linscott; art teacher, Emma Irish; life sciences teacher, Alaina Hamilton; special education coordinator, Sara Bryden; physical science teacher, Ginger Martin, grant activity coordinator; and guidance counselor, Kendra Ritchie, who will serve as the Grant Lead. Our MELMAC contact and grant coach, Cliff McHatten, has had a long and successful educational career in Maine.

The CCAT is looking forward to taking students on college and career exploration adventures and providing them with job shadowing opportunities. We will also establish on site activities such as Alumni panels, career seminars, financial aid workshops, parent meetings, and daily student activities with teachers. These daily activities will build strong working relationships among teachers and students while helping students find paths to careers and personal success.

Lee Academy has been the recipient of this MELMAC grant four times in the past. We are once again excited about the opportunities that this financial boost provides and will ensure continued, positive outcomes for Lee Academy students with these grant funds.  We especially look forward to working with local small business owners, companies and financial institutions who will partner with us in our efforts to help individual students find their paths to successful and meaningful careers.